What is Apotheosis?

We are one of Cambridge's largest philosophy societies, open to anybody who has an interest in philosophy and its wider implications. Our members tend to be an eclectic mix from every subject across the university, and our talks assume no prior philosophical knowledge. We welcome everyone - from experienced philosophers to enthusiastic amateurs!

Our society was founded in 2014, and since then has expanded massively. We now cover all of Cambridge and have organised dozens of discussions, many socials, several formals, and a conference.

We welcome interested people from any philosophical, religious, political, or personal creed to join us!

The Spirit of Apotheosis


We think that philosophy is far more enjoyable when one is actually engaged in it. We therefore put an emphasis on interaction at our events. Usually, a speaker will deliver a short talk (~15 minutes) before we open up to an hour of round table discussion and Q&A. Nobody is required to contribute, but everyone is welcome to!


As a philosophical view, we hold that good philosophy cannot be done in a vacuum, isolated from other areas of knowledge. Accordingly, we stress the intersection of philosophy with other areas of human thought, including the sciences, political theory, the arts, and the humanities. We are always eager to hear what people’s subject training has taught them.

Diversity of Interest

We host an incredibly diverse range of events, covering a very wide range of subject matter and topic. Examples of previous topics include: conspiracy theories, cognitive neuropsychology, meaning and interpretation, Libertarianism, psychedelics, translation, Jorge Luis Borges, Socialism, education, The Apocalypse, Angelology, psychiatry, Transhumanism, and evolution.

Everyone is sure to discover something that interests them, so sign up and join us!